Spirit of Relationship

Equine Facilitated Life Coaching Experiential Learning or Psychotherapy

"And Spirit grasped a handful of southerly wind,
blew breath over it and created the horse...
Virtue bound in the hair of the forelock,
a gaze from the depths of dream,
given the power of flight without wings"
—From a Bedouin Tale and Koran Blessing

At Pebble Ledge Ranch: Gentle hearted horses helping human hearts heal within the sacred realm of Nature.

What is it and who is it for?

Equine Facilitated Life Coaching or Psychotherapy is an emerging field and exciting new modality. The relationship between horse and person can support the individual, couple, family or groups' emotional growth, learning and healing. It involves a collaborative effort between a facilitator, a client and a horse.

Participants learn about themselves and their relationship to others by being in relationship to the horses, participating in activities with the horses and then by processing their thoughts, feelings, behaviors and patterns.

It is an embodied, experiential and less verbal modality often useful for clients less responsive to traditional personal development approaches or therapies and you may even have fun in the process.

A Native American legend tells us that the horse is a gift from eagle making the difference between a prosperous life and a struggle simply for survival.,Horses embody instinct, power and grace. They inspire our dreams and awaken creativity. Interactions with horse empathy and wisdom bring us closer to our instinctual and authentic self.

"I went into my heart and his message to me was, "I am here for you". I felt the tears flow knowing this new friend I had made had the power and gift of raw life with the ability to change me in ways I as yet did not understand" —Beth

What can you expect?

The focus is not on riding or horsemanship and the work takes place on the ground. No horse experience is necessary. WExperiential learning and interaction with the horses is an experiential and relational modality within the healing environment of the natural world.

Experintial and Action Learning with horses

  • Challenges us mentally and physically and engages us emotionally
  • Provides opportunities to move toward our fears and build self confidence
  • Offers personal insight and learning to manage life dilemmas and transitions.
  • Increases our range of life choice in crisis and day to day decision making
  • Supports embodied awareness for changing behavioral patterns and enhancing emotional flexibility and creating healthy boundaries
  • Expands our capacity to be in good relationship with ourselves and with others

Potential clients and participants include those recovering from loss, are feeling stressed, depressed or anxious, healing from abuse, feeling emotionally or creatively blocked. Participants may be on a spiritual search or simply interested in exploring relationship with horse.

For information on a related workshop, please see Horses, Nature; Rapture of the Deep.

"One of the gifts of working with the horses, is "language" is so much more expansive...The horse named Spirit begins to trust me and a sense of wonder and awe eases my anxieties." —Lara

Meet the Horses



Be is an elegant black Clydesdale mare. She is a gentle giant who echos the Earth's heartbeat with the drum of her hoofbeats. She teaches us to hold our sacred ground and Be who we are.


Rojo is a chestnut mare an elder around 34 years old. She is the boss of the herd and demands respect in her quiet but determined way. She is a good teacher of going after what you want.


Spirit a six year old black and white paint mare lives up to her name in her liveliness and gentle hearted nature. She is very joyful, affectionate and mischievous and reminds us to play.



Thunderheart is a big white magical horse with a generous presence, empathetic heart and sweet nature. He pulled a wagon to Cleveland from the commune The Farm in Tennessee many years ago. He has been featured in magazines for his talent as a horse who can paint and has several signed works.

"He reassured me that it was okay to open up the dangerous experiences from childhood. Thunderheart would neigh the fear away." —Jan

Raven             A magical black horse from the lineage of    horses who carried the Templer knights in the 13th century.

Raven awakens the magic within each of us.



JetsetJetset (Jet'Adore), 1969-2005

Jet died peacefully this spring, gracefully yielding to the earth. In her death she taught us about loving life. Her spirit watches over us and teaches us in our dreams.



Fee for service

$100.00 an hour session or you may incorporate this work with a one day or overnight retreat.

     Call Jackie at 440-338-1752 or e-mail for further information or for an appointment



Jackie Lowe Stevenson MSSA and Equine Assisted Growth And Learning Association and HorseWise Certified

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