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About Jackie Lowe Stevenson


Jackie Lowe-Stevenson, MSSA, LISW,
and EAGALA and HorseWise Certified

Jackie Lowe Stevenson is a Gestalt psychotherapist, life coach and consultant. She is on at faculty at the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland and adjunct professor at the Mandel School of Social Sciences at Case Western Reserve University. She is past Director of the Mandel Jewish Community Center. She teaches and lectures within the U.S. and in Turkey, Israel and Mexico. She provides consulting services to corporations, not for profit organizations, universities and hospitals.

Some of Jackie's practice, is in a Mongolian tent (yurt) surrounded by a forest and stream. She integrates Nature, animals and indigenous healing traditions into her practice of therapy and consulting work. She has incorporated body work in the form of massage, polarity therapy and energy work into her practice. She provides energy and body work for people in support of their balance and well being and has volunteered energy work services for people in the HIV spectrum. Jackie is an equine assisted specialist who has trained with Epona and is Eagala certified Level I and HorseWise Certified.

She works with individuals, families, groups and organizations. Jackie supports retreats and questing for individuals and couples exploring their personal growth and healing. She is the founder of "Wolf Creek; Preparation for Medicine Women Ways" a wilderness based training program for women who are interested in preparing to be "caretakers of the sacred". Over 100 women have participated in this year long training program exploring the teachings of nature and the power in learning with a community of spirited women.

Jackie and her husband Herb live with a Canadian Timber wolf-dog, two dogs, five horses and a spirited orange tabby cat who believes he is a cougar. Their home is a lively place with four grown sons coming and going, as well as a place for community celebrations.

Jackie is dedicated to creating the conditions for individuals and organizations to become the change they want to create in the world and to be caretakers of the sacred.

"Animals reflect our spirit. They are our teachers, guardians and companions. They remind us of the majesty of life and restore our wonder at the world. They awaken our lost belief in magic, dreams, possibilities and potential."

Ted Andrews, Animal -Wise

In addition to the horses, here are my animal colleagues:

I am a 250 pound English Mastiff, most of my weight is in my enormous heart that generously offers love and in my equally enormous paws that walk softly upon our Mother Earth.

I am a Canadian Timber wolf/dog encouraging you to remember your wilderness self, the importance of family, howling at the moon and playful relationship.

I am a chow shepherd dog whose sacred work is to guard and protect the integrity, spirit and well being of all.

I am a tom cat with the spirit of a cougar who lives gently strong and strongly gentle.



  Contact Jackie at 440-338-1752 or e-mail for further information

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